Sunday, November 2, 2008


Please join us at Pigeon Ground this Thursday 6th of November for the launch of Ampersand, a new journal straight out of the rocking boat of Melbourne. Ampersand is a curiosity journal: ideas unfettered on pages without the distractions of fashion and pretension: a step towards better understanding the world through time travel, landscape architecture, erotic fiction, thunderstorms, literary conventions, fraud, audacity, flunkyism, biology, fiddle music, clubs and societies, out of print books, historical events, mental health, night, etymology and printing and spelling mistakes.

Free booze supplied by Cooks Lot and tucker supplied by The Falconer Cafe, Darlinghurst (zing!)

Performances by Eddie Sharp and Eden Falk! Standing around talking and drinking by You!

Please join us! From 6:00pm. Don't forget to check out the new Spring/Summer ranges of clothes and general goods, and fresh stock from Tim.

Pigeon ground is, and always will be YOUR ONE STOP OLD SCHOOL VARIETY SHOP!

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