Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pigeon Ground at Laneway

We're excited to announce that Pigeon Ground will be part of the Laneway Festival. It won't be your usual festival market more a unique collection of nine local wonders selling their wares for the day so come and say hi.

End of Season SALE

So as the flyer says we are having an end of season sale on all your fav labels, this means bargains people, bargains! Throw into the mix fresh new vinyl and vintage gems and there is something for everybody, hoorah!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

new accessories are killer

New to the shelves is Queensland accessories label "Urge the Boys". Specialising in pieces that are bohemian pirate chic, the collection features turquoise pendants, chunky bone bangles and oversize cocktail rings that put jack sparrow to shame. And there's even a sparkling leopard cuff for the cougar in all of us. grr

Cult Sydney jewellery label Zoemou has also landed in store this month with a selection of laser cut wooden pieces inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and his well known anatomical drawings. Skulls, hearts, muscle and sinew feature on pendants and brooches- perfect for giving that vintage outfit a modern edge. Now you can really wear your heart on your sleeve- or your blouse for that matter.

Also new in store from Zoemou is 'Nobilta Di Dame', Zoe's latest and most beautiful collection inspired by the historical Baroque period. Each wooden piece is stained in opulent colours such as jewel green, mulberry, honey oak and chocolate.