Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scientist Vs Mad Professor?

Who did better album covers and who's a nicer guy? Word on the street is the Scientist wins on both those counts. By a nose on the former and a country mile on the latter. Who made better dub? Well, that's still up for debate. They'll be battling that one out on the sound system at Pigeon Ground over the next few weeks (or until sold). They're very lucky King Tubby isn't in on this fight, as although he'd lose on the first 2 criteria, on account of his rubbish album covers and the fact that he's also dead (which disqualifies him from being nice or otherwise), his dub would easily blow those other two knob twiddlers away, but I digress...

There's lots more great dub, roots and rocksteady offerings doing battle in the "fresh stock" rack as of today. First in, best dressed...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July Sale Window

We've had loads of comments about our current sale window and thought it best to upload a pic for all to see. Isn't it beauuutiiifullll!

And the clothing sale is continuing on this weekend so pop in and grab a bargain. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Clothing SALE

Its sale time at your favourite inner west variety shop. You'll be sure to grab a bargain with huge savings on vintage clothing and labels including:

Secret Squirrel, Dr Denim, Princess Tina, 
Hem & Haw, American Apparel, BKTM, 
Limedrop, Lost in the Woods, Small Town, 
Betty Joe and Funkis sandals.

Sale starts Saturday 12th July at 11am

see you there!

The Satorialist

We have been obsessing about The Satorialist blog for the past few months with it's beautiful street fashion. If you love to check how your fellow men & women are dressing or just get a few ideas for your next outfit this, my dear friend is for you. 

Even more lost in the woods

Tucked away in a shambolic studio high up in the labyrinth like corridors of Melbourne's famous Nicholas Building, one man and his scroll saw have forever changed the lapels of a brooch-loving Melbourne public.
Lost in the Woods is the ultimate accessory and we are excited to announce that a couple of new designs have just landed at Pigeon Ground so come in and check them out but be prepared to fall in love. 
In the mean time check out some of Simon's amazing art here.