Friday, August 3, 2007

DUKE Magazine

For all you crazy kids we have the Deux edition of Duke instore. If you have never heard of Duke its an absurdly funny and offensive, tongue-in-chic Pop Culture + Thrift Fashion Magazine. Basically like Vice but quirkier, more interesting and has that special feminine touch. Grrrrrrrr!

Featuring John Safran, The Kingpins, Cheap Date! artists Simon Yates, Hana Shimada, collectors, High waisted jeans special, best dressed seniors anti-fashion, cigarette reviews, celebrity whores, horror, a sexy male centrefold...
plus much much more!
All new layouts, all new size, plus 20 extra pages for only $12! WOW! No Way!

1 comment:

boy labyog said...

I already read that magazine and still booring to read.

Laby[3 piece suit]